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1. General terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions apply to all users of Auktionshuset dab's services. When you choose to use Auktionshuset dab's services, you agree that this is an agreement between you as a user and us as an auction house. The agreement describes the rights and obligations in connection with the use of services and potential related products that we offer.

The following agreement contains terms for using specific services on our website. In addition to online auctions there are our auction terms that can be seen for each auction and which are posted on the auction site.

2. The right to have an account

In order to use Auktionshuset dab’s services, you must create a private account or a company account. One can only have one private account and one company account. Auktionshuset dab’s services are only available to persons or organizations that can enter into legally binding agreements. The services are not available to users under the age of 18. We reserve the right to refuse to offer our services, change your terms of use of the services and / or refuse to provide services at any time by notifying you by e-mail. Such change notifications have immediate effect.

3. The legal relationship between you and Auktionshuset dab A/S

Auktionshuset dab does not have the physical right of property to goods sold through us. Auktionshuset dab is an auction company that also has a website. Here we offer goods for sale the belong to the seller (third party). Auktionshuset dab can therefore not be held liable for sold goods, information provided and for the transaction itself. This is described in the following.

3.1. No warranty for product descriptions

We cannot control or make statements about the quantity, quality, authenticity, security or legality of the goods sold or advertised. We also cannot guarantee complete information, truth or accuracy in product descriptions.

3.2. Limitation of liability

We are only liable for any loss or damage that can be directly attributed to our own actions or the lack of the same or breach of the obligations we have according to the user agreement and our obligations in this respect are limited as stated in the remaining part of section 3.4. We are not responsible for any loss or damage you may cause as a result of your use of any service other than Auktionshuset dab’s services. We are under no circumstances liable for any direct or indirect loss of contribution or goodwill. Under no circumstances are we liable for any direct or indirect loss of contribution or goodwill or for indirect or consequential loss or damage. Furthermore, it has been agreed that, in the event of a delay, the buyer cannot rely on any form of compensation claim, either for direct or indirect loss. Any other claim for compensation, e.g. lost earnings, loss of wages, daily fines and all other claims of what can be mentioned, e.g. work conflict of any kind and otherwise is not replaced. This disclaimer applies correspondingly to the customer's claim of defects. Auktionshuset dab is therefore solely responsible for deficiencies to the extent that these can be characterized as defaults. In case of defaults, the customer's compensation cannot exceed the amount the customer has paid for the delivery made by Auktionshuset dab. Potential compensation covers only the value of the goods or parts thereof, but not labor wages, expenses or damages that any faults or deficiencies may have caused the buyer.

3.3. Indemnity

You agree to indemnify us, our departments, employees, and management for any kind of all claims or legal claims made by or as a result of a third-party’s claim in connection with your breach of this agreement or the documents covered by the agreement or as a result of your breach on a law or violation of third-parties in connection with your use of Auktionshuset dab’s services.

4. VAT and Sales fees etc.

All fees are stated in the sales agreement. All fees will be charged in the payment currency or in DKK.

To the bid and auction fee of 20% of the bud is added, however a minimum of DKK 50,- per catalog number. Both bid and auction feed are added to the applicable VAT (25%), i.e. feed incl. VAT is 50%. On cars, caravans and motorcycles VAT is only added to the fee. So fee incl. VAT on these items is 25%

5. Settlement of conflict

Whether you are a buyer or a seller you agree to cooperate actively with the other party in your transactions to resolve any conflicts. We do not act as representatives of either party in conflicts between buyers and sellers and we are not responsible for resolving such conflicts. If a claim arises (due to a conflict or other reason) you agree to disclose all necessary documentation and information that may help resolve the conflict. If you are a seller (a) you acknowledge that we are not able to control the outcome of a sales transaction; (b) Recognize our claim on fees regardless of whether the transaction with the buyer is carried out or the implementation differs from the conditions recorded in the transaction on our website. Please report all types of fraudulent transactions, errors or conflicts. We do not seek to hold you liable for any unauthorized (including fraudulent) use of your account by another person insofar as we are convinced that you have not acted intentionally so that a third party has access to your username and password. Please note that your username and password are strictly personal whether you may act on behalf of an organization. Your password must therefore be stored in a safe place where it is protected from abuse.

6. Payment of balance differences

The need for payment of balance differences may also arise as a result of exchange rate changes. This can happen if the currency in which the transaction is carried out is different from the price, we invoice in. Auktionshuset dab can adjust the prices as needed. The current rate is the rate on the billing day plus a supplement.

7. Your information and limited activity

7.1. Definition

Your information is defined as the information you provide to us and other users during account creation and use of our services. You are solely responsible for your information. You authorize us to check the accuracy of your information either directly or through a third party. This may include the information you provide in conjunction with third-party databases. However, we will not disclose information about users' identity or actions or commercial transactions. However, we reserve the right to introduce an appraisal system whereby the seller and buyer can mutually judge each other in relation to transactions on our website.

7.2. Prohibited or restricted actions

Your information must not be: (a) false, inaccurate or misleading; (b) be fraudulent or involve stolen goods or goods which for other reasons do not belong to you; (c) infringe any third party's copyrights, patent rights, trademarks, trade secrets or other intellectual property rights; (d) contravene any law, regulation or regulation (including, but not limited to, consumer rights, good marketing practices, competition laws or discriminatory practices); (e) be abusive or threatening; (f) be vulgar or contain child pornography; (g) contains programming codes that may interfere with, damage, take over or misuse the system, data or personal information; (h) incur obligations or losses (wholly or partially) on our services or services from other ISPs (ISP) to us. If you use or seek to use the Services for anything other than the purchase, sale, and marketing and editing of your account - including hacking, attempting to modify or block information, or affecting the functionality of our services - your account will be closed and you will be held liable and, where appropriate criminal law officer in accordance with applicable law.

7.3. Closing account or limiting account holder access

Only we decide whether an account or service should be closed and when might will happen. This may be due to breach of this agreement but is not limited thereto. We are not required to disclose the specific reason for this.

7.4. Passwords

You may not disclose or reveal your passwords to others. Also, you may not use others' passwords. We are not liable for any loss caused by you including any effects resulting from the unauthorized use of your account by anyone other than yourself. Do not list your password over the phone to others and choose a password that is difficult to guess and not used for other purposes. If others in the organization need our services, then refer them to create their own user account.

8. Access and disruption

You agree that you will not use any automatic or manual method of copying or monitoring our website unless you have received our express written permission. You agree that you will not do anything that unnecessarily charges our server. You agree that you will not copy, review, modify or create derivative products from our website without the express written permission of us or third part.

9. Confidentiality and security

We consider the protection of our users’ data security as very important. Our most important task is to protect your information from abuse. We store and process your information on computers in Denmark, where they are protected by both physical and technical security devices. If you cannot accept the transfer or processing of your user data as described herein, please do not use our services.

10. Closing your account

You can close your account by sending an email to our customer support. You cannot close the account if you are highest bidder at one of Auktionshuset dabs auctions. If you close your account, this has no bearing on your obligation to pay for transactions already started. If you do not use your account for a period of 3 years, it will be closed.

11. Correction and Auktionshuset dab’s right to act against you

Auktionshuset dab reserves the right to correct inaccurate or missing information from you, contact you in ways other than electronic. We also reserve the right to warn other users against your actions, limit payouts, restrict access to an account and refuse to provide our services to you if you (a) violate the terms of the User Agreement and its derivative agreements; (b) we are unable to verify your identity or information you provided; (c) We believe that your account or activity involves a financial or legal risk to us or other users.

12. Assignment

You may not assign any rights or obligations under this Agreement without our written consent.

13. Termination

Unless it is expressly stated all cancellations must be submitted by a letter to Auktionshuset dab or per e-mail to (sent from the e-mail address specified in your user account). Dismissals from Auktionshuset dab to you have effect 24 hours after they have been shipped (in case of weekdays) or when the e-mail is sent unless the sending party is aware that the electronic message has not been received.

14. Choice of law and venue

This user agreement and the underlying services are subject to Danish law. In case of conflicts in relation to this, this must be decided according to Danish law by a Danish court.

14.1. Confidentiality

The parties respect the requirement of mutual confidentiality regarding matters relating to or derived from the user agreement, unless otherwise is provided by law.

15. Right of cancellation

For private purchase of items at a net auction, you have a 14 day right of cancellation according to applicable legislation from the date of collection. Any costs associated with transporting purchased items back from the buyer are paid by the buyer himself. If the buyer makes use of his right of cancellation Auktionshuset dab A/S will refund the payment immediately after the goods have been returned and received by Auktionshuset dab.
Auktionshuset dab reserves the right to assess the abuse of the right of cancellation, and Auktionshuset dab may therefore choose to terminate the customer relationship and inactivate the customer's account with Auktionshuset dab.

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