All customers must register to submit a bid on our auctions. Before you place any bid, you must approve our conditions for every single auction. These may vary and it is therefore important to read them every time. All bids submitted on our online auctions are regarded maximum bids. This means that you only must submit one bid per lot – your maximum bid.  
Hereafter our system is bidding for you if you are being outbidded until your maximum is reached. The system will never bid higher than your maximum bid. This means that you do not have to monitor the auction the it finishes. At the same time this does not mean that you as a winning bidder are going to pay your maximum bid for the lot. The fall of the hammer will always be the next interval. The intervals are reasonable depending on how high the bids are on the lot. You always have the possibility to higher your maximum bid. However, it is not possible to lower it once it is submitted. In the event of two customers submit the same maximum bid the one how submitted the bid first will win the lot. Both bids will appear from the bid history and it will then the time of submission will be crucial.

You can see when the auction expires for each catalogue number, as they do not all expire at the same time. From catalogue number one to catalogue number two expires there is one minute, the same applies from catalogue number 2 to catalogue number 3 etc. This means, for example. that catalogue number 60 expires one hour after catalogue number 1. If a bid is made within the last three minutes of the auction's duration, this will be extended by three minutes. It will continue until there are no more bids within the last three minutes of the auction.

If you get the fall of the hammer on a lot, shortly after you will receive an email. In that it says which item you have won and what the final bid was. After the auction has ended you will receive a new email with a link to your invoice. This email comes separately so that we can make sure that all the lots you have won also appear from the invoice.

If you have won a lot but have not received an email with your invoice yet, the reason may be that the auction has not ended yet. We will first send out the invoice when the entire auction has ended. When your invoice is ready, you can find it when you log in to our website and click on the section "invoices".

Inspection and pickup take place on the specified days within the specified periods of time. These varies from auction to auction. This information is available under each auction where you on the right side can see the information about inspection, the address and time for pickup. This varies from auction to auction, so it is important to check the address, as the effects are usually not at our own address.

Collection of won goods takes place only at the specified times. If the buyer does not want to pick up the purchased items himself, the buyer must arrange transport with a carrier or a moving company himself. This is not something Auktionshuset dab is handling. The buyer must be aware that the goods are neither packed nor on pallets, and the buyer must himself dismantle goods such as lamps. If the buyer arranges transport through a company, the buyer must therefore inform the relevant transport company about this, as Auktionshuset dab does not help to pack or dismantle the goods.

Payment is made by bank transfer to one of the following accounts:
Sydbank: 7110-2009843
IBAN: DK7971100002009843
Swift: SYBKDK22
Always remember to enter the invoice number when you make the transfer. Payment must be made immediately after the end of the auction so that we can see the payment in our bank account no later than three working days after the end of the auction. Payment transfers are checked once a day in the morning. The buyer is responsible for ensuring that the payment is made on time. Goods will not be delivered unless we have registered the payment in our account. In the event of non-payment or pick-up, you are prevented from bidding on our auctions in the future.

The sum of the bid is always charged with auction fee on 20 %. At minimum DKK 50 per catalogue number. Applicable VAT (25 %) is added to both VAT and auction fees.
Example: If you bid DKK 1.000 on an item, a 20% fee will be added, which will be DKK 1.200. The VAT is added to this amount, so you must pay a total of DKK 1.500.

We make the catalogue and the descriptions for each item to the best of our knowledge. We take reservations for any errors and lacks in the catalogue, and we reserve the right to continuously make amends. If you have any questions about the catalogue or lots in it, please contact us at mail@auktionshuset.dk.

We do not accept goods from individuals. We only conduct bankruptcy auctions of companies. It is possible to bin on our auctions as an individual as well as a company.

It is free to register with Auktionshuset dab. It is possible to see the lots and the various auctions without being registered in our system. To bid you must create an account.

If the activation link in the email does not work just send us an email at mail@auktionshuset.dk. We will then active your account as soon as possible.

At our auctions it is both possible to bid as a private person and for a company. If you bid for a company, we still need to use your name, so we know who we should contact if we need it.

If you want to delete your account at Auktionshuset dab you will have to send an email to mail@auktionshuset.dk, in which you write that you want to dele your account.

Auktionshuset dab reserves the right to remove a lot from the auction, extend or repeat the auction in the event of external abuse, technical or other circumstances which according to Auktionshuset dab’s assessment necessitates this. Auktionshuset dab cannot be held responsible for delays or other problems with customers' internet connection, hook-up or by using non-modern computers or programs. Furthermore, Auktionshuset dab is not responsible for delays or viruses that have arisen as a result of emails or downloads.

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Although we at Auktionshuset dab mainly deal with bankruptcy and surplus auctions, there are no limits to which articles we can sell at auctions.

We have been responsible for auctions including shipyards, machine factories, furniture factories, construction equipment, plumbing firms, restaurants and large kitchens, clothing companies, retail stores and much more.

This also means that our knowledge extends into many different product groups, and regardless of which tasks we are facing we have many years of experience in advantage. We are hereby always able to provide our customers with reliable valuations and a successful auction for the right target group.

We gladly accept auctions with exciting and challenging articles. This is exactly what helps us strengthen ourselves as a professional and grounded auction house. 

- We sell a little of each, and we look forward to a lot of upcoming auctions!

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