About us

Auktionshuset dab is a 100 % online auction house with domicile in Hasselager, South of Aarhus. Our online auction platform is one of the leading in Denmark with a special focus on bankruptcy and surplus auctions from all businesses.

With departments in Northern and Southern Jutland and Zealand we are able to cover the whole country with exciting auctions.

It all started in 1970 as Danish Automobile Stock Exchange. It was auctions with vehicles, agricultural machinery, and bankruptcies under one roof. It got split up and from there Auktionshuset dab was created. Today Auktionshuset dab has 13 employees who is handling valuations, marketing, customer service, sales, and inventory management.

What we believe in
We are an auction house in a rapid development. We are always on the move when it comes technology and our customers’ needs. A big customer focus is therefor something that is very close to our hearts, and we strive to find solutions tailored to the individual customer or business partner. The people behind Auktionshuset dab have thorough knowledge about this industry and we are therefore able to handle the whole sales process from start to finish professionally.

Package solutions or fixed agreements are not in our DNA. From our first dialogue we will together with you design that solution best suited for just exactly your case.

We can handle the whole process from valuation to marketing and cleaning up the location. You are the one who decide how much or how little we are going to be involved in your sale. If you prefer that we come a pickup all the items and sell them from one of our locations in Hasselager, Broager or Sorø we will be happy to help with this as well.


At Auktionshuset dab we are all specialists in our own field. By focusing on teamwork, we are sure to streamline and develop new processes. In that way we are always one step ahead of the development of the industry and we can offer customers and business partners competitive solutions.