Our concept

With Auktionshuset dab the customer can always be sure to get a highly professional valuation. Our skilled valuators have many years of experience in this field and our knowledge involves a wide range of product groups. The customer can therefore always rely on a professional valuation.

In addition, we always make sure to take the best pictures of the articles before we sell them on auction. In that way we can make sure that we give our customers the best experience possible when the articles are to be picked up after the auction had ended.

Although our headquarter is based in Hasselager, we often travel all over the country for valuations and pick-ups. We are therefore never limited by geography, so no matter where the auction is located, we would be pleased to make a visit.

It is very important that the customer gets the best experience possible when we have pick-ups. We also think it is crucial to guide our customers around and help them find the articles they have won. We believe this creates the greatest efficiency and satisfaction for all parties.  

We always make sure to follow the trends of the time and this, combined with the many years of experience in the industry, is our quality assurance both in connection with the valuation and all the buyers who are following the auctions.