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If you are a lawyer with a bankruptcy, then we are ready to sell it at online auction

We are leading in bankruptcy estate valuations and since our employees have many years of experience in this field, one of our key competencies is to make bankruptcy estate valuations no matter what industry it is regarding. 

We always adjust our valuations according to the customer's situation and needs, so that we can provide thee best teatment and experience of the process. 

When it comes to hosting online auctions, we are the market leader, and with more than 30.000 unique users of our auction system, we reach a large audience, which means that you achieve much higher prices through us than through your own sales. 

We specialize in handeling the entire sales process and we gladly drive around the cpuntry to valuate. 

contact us via the contact form below or find our email and telephone number at the bottom of this page.  

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